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by Andrea Witthoeft March 29, 2019 0 Comments

Almond Joy Beauty Bombs

I am so excited to have in my new home BAKERY! This will be my first ever YouTube Video in my new home so today we will celebrate with one of my Bakerlita signature recipes that I always have on hand at all times... seriously, I can't live without them!


A few weeks ago I made some amazing brown butter beauty balls/bombs, and I got tons of requests on Instagram to make a step-by-step video! I was glad you didn't want me to make a CRAZY intricate cake or something haha... This recipe is SO nice & EASY!


P.S. If you haven't yet made my Bakerlita Brown Butter Beauty Balls, and learned WHY I gave them the name BEAUTY... You will fall in love with how much these bless you internally and BLESS YOUR TASTE BUDS TOO!

Today I am going to be taking the classic Almond Joy Bars, one of my all-time favorites, and innovating it into my signature Bakerlita Blessed Beauty Bombs… This will be the easiest thing you will ever make.


These Blessed Beauty Bites are loaded with fat burning healthy fats and 2 of my secret beauty-enhancing ingredients, so keep reading to find out my top 2 components that make these go from a standard Bliss-Balls into BLESSED-Balls. These are the perfect keto fat bomb because you only need 1 or 2 of these between your meals to sustain long-lasting ketosis energy and satisfying your sweet tooth, OH and chocolate cravings of course ;)

Okay, let's get started so you can enjoy your Almond Joy Bombstoo!

Watch my full step-by-step video tutorial; I made JUST FOR YOU!  You get to see how easy these are to make; I think I can roll these bombs up in about 12-15 minutes, done and in my mouth haha...


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My signature Blessed-Beauty BOMBS is the perfect go-to snack for anyone who is looking to burn fat, gain energy, restore gut health, and satisfy hunger and sweet cravings... I promise you will never find any protein bars out there that have all these wonderful blessed healing ingredients!


Andrea Witthoeft | Bakerlita



1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup Lakanto Powdered Sweetener (OR grind into powdered sugar)
4 tbsp collagen protein (grass-fed)
1 tbsp gelatin protein (grass-fed)
1tsp sea salt


1/4 cup coconut oil (extra virgin)
1/2 cup almond butter (raw/activated)
1 tbsp MCT Oil
1 tsp almond extract


1/3 cup Lily’s dark chocolate chips
1tbsp Coconut Oil (extra virgin)

  1. In a medium bowl, measure out almond flour, coconut flour, unsweetened coconut flakes, Lakanto powdered sweetener, grass-fed collagen protein and gelatin, and a dash of sea salt to bring out the flavor, whisk together and set aside.
  2. Next, add all the wet ingredients right on top of the dry, add raw almond butter, chilled extra virgin coconut oil, and lastly to enhance the almond flavor, a hint of almond extract.
  3. Prepare a small baking sheet lined with waxed paper.
  4. Using your hands, start mixing until well incorporated, I have done this recipe a few times and I notice that it gets a bit crumbly, adding 1 tablespoon of MCT oil usually gets the job done, and adds even more fat-producing ketones!
  5. Using a small cookie dough scoop, scoop out each ball.
  6. Press in one raw almond into the center of your beauty bomb, roll in the palm of the hand, a trick to create a perfect ball is to slightly cup your hand.
  7. Place in freezer or fridge to allow them to harden up.
  8. As the Almond Joy Beauty Bombs are hardening up, it’s a good time to make the chocolate ganache. 
  9. On medium heat, in a small saucepan, fill with a little bit of water, place a small heatproof bowl on top. 
  10. Add coconut oil and Lily's chocolate chips. Let the chocolate melt together until silky smooth and remove from heat imminently so the ganache doesn't get too liquidy.
  11. As the chocolate ganache is cooling down take you almond Joy blessed beauty bombs out of the fridge.
  12. To decorate the beauty bombs, dip the entire bomb into the chocolate ganache, or drizzle chocolate zig-zags, or to keep it simple, chop up some coconut flakes and chocolate chips and roll the beauty bomb, this works best when the beauty bomb is on the softer side :)

Andrea Witthoeft
Andrea Witthoeft