Break Bread Meal Prep

Welcome to Bakerlita's BREAK.BREAD Keto Meal Prep Service. 


BREAK.BREAD is a meal prep service that innovates your favorite comfort foods and transforms them into a paleo and ketogenic masterpiece. Andrea (a.k.a Bakerlita) has the gift of making healthy food taste even better than the traditional (unhealthy) version! 

There are many meal prep services out there, yet BREAK.BREAD  goes far beyond just throwing some meat, rice or noodles and sauce in a meal prep container. Every single meal is designed with a scientifically proven ratio of macronutrients that give you the most energy, effortless fat loss, balances hormones, and causes a newness of life.

Each meal intention is to lowering inflammation(which is the causes of all diseases), restoring stomach health and all nutrients sourced are the highest-quality, healthy fats to help BURN body-fat and organic free-run/grass-fed proteins to preserve and build lean muscle.

Andrea believes everyone should invest in getting quality meals, meals that are cooked with love, using local ingredients from local farmer's markets to support our community and that bless your body, mind & soul!

With Bakerlita BREAK.BREAD Meals, you will feel beyond satisfied, full of energy and see amazing results in your health and your outer glow. 

 Bakerlita BREAK-BREAD has only 4 more spots available (10 in total) for the committed clients who know their health is highly valued. 

BREAK.BREAD  Services include delivery right to your front door twice a week to ensure the most optimal freshness & convenience!

Each week you will receive an entirely NEW menu! You will never get bored of eating the same old thing over and over again! Also, Andrea will be using her freshly baked Bakerlita KETO Collagen Beauty Bread in many of the meals; you will literally be BREAKING-BREAD  gluten-free, grain-free & carb-free...

"Bakerlita's Bread made into Keto Croutons in the caesar salad picture bellow"

Lastly, all customers will have the privilege to be the first ones to try out all Andrea's NEW creations from her top-quality keto Bakerlita Bakery line! Expect to see surprises such as cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, donuts and much much more!


HOW IT WORKS: 2 Packages to choose from:

1.) 2 Meals a Day + 2 Snack a Day | 6 Days a week

$550.00 TAX INCLUDED | Bi-Weekly

2.) 3 Meals a Day + 2 Snack a Day | 6 Days a week

$700.00 TAX INCLUDED | Bi-Weekly

PAYMENT: Full payment must be made 3 days in advance to meal delivery.

S T A R T   D A T E 

SEPT 1/20 

(Payments will be made by e-transfers or credit cards)


Please let me know, in detail, food allergies, foods you dislike and your health/physical goals!

B L E S S I N G S:

Andrea Witthoeft | Bakerlita