*Peanut Butter Bombs

Bakerlita's Homemade signature Keto Beauty-Bombs are Bakerlita's most popular high protein beautifying sweet & satisfying snacks you will ever try! These Peanut Butter Beauty-Bombs are loaded with chocolate chips, and will surely bring you back to your childhood memories.  Bakerlita's PB Beauty Bombs are 100% keto & paleo-friendly (gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free). Choose your package size below!

Ingredients: Organic grass-fed collagen & gelatin protein, organic natural peanut butter, grass-fed butter, almond meal, coconut flour, monk fruit, Lakanto chocolate chips, pure vanilla extract, and sea salt.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories: 97  Net Carbs: 1g  Fats: 8.5g  Protein: 4g  Fiber: 1g

Order: Bakerlita Bakery bakes every Monday - Thursday. Please place orders Friday - Sunday before all goodies sold out!

Deliveries: All Fraser Valley and Vancouver orders will be delivered by Thursday evening. You will get an email and text message notification when the order is on its way!


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