Holiday Combo Deal


Halloween is only one 5 days away!

And come on, let's be real here, no matter your age Halloween is a time for a TREAT! 🤭

Bakerlita Bakery is giving YOU a Halloween Trick~Or~Treat Combo Box (saving + $35 + free delivery)that you and your family (or just you haha...) can enjoy this Halloween weekend GUILT-FREE!

This offer ends Wednesday (Oct 28th), & it is only available locally, in the Vancouver BC area since we will be delivered right to your front door Friday evening to ensure optimal freshness for your festive Halloween weekend!  


  • Bakerlita's Keto Trick~Or~Treat 8 piece Candy Bar Box(comes in 1 box, or 2 boxes, see options below)
  1. 2 Snicker Bars, 
  2. 2 jumbo Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
  3. 2 Almond Joy Bars
  4. 2 Chewy Collagen Caramels

  • Keto Coffee Crumble Cake Pumpkin Donuts  (comes in 5 pack or 10 pack, see options below)

  • Reese's Pieces Pumpkin Cupcakes Filled w/ peanut butter custard (comes in 4 or 8 pack, see options below)


Order Option Note:

  • OPTION 1: 2 Trick~Or~Treat Boxes, 4 cupcakes, 5 donuts.
  • OPTION 2: 1 Trick~Or~Treat Box, 8 cupcakes, 5 donuts.
  • OPTION 31 Trick~Or~Treat Box, 4 cupcakes, 10 donuts.

Please pick one of the options listed above & email me at to customize your Halloween treat desires, and the price will stay the same :) 

Andrea Witthoeft | Bakerlita