✨🧳  My hubby & I are going on holiday, we leaving tonight, and will be gone for a good portion of August... But don’t worry, will still be satisfying your sweet tooth this summer👇🏼👇🏼😅

✨ You will still enjoy seeing Bakerlita’s Booth bi-weekly! My lovely Baking Beauty Alicia is taking over for the month that I am away, and you will be pleasantly surprised with so many amazing feature Keto goodies that she will be preparing for you!

✨💻📱 All online orders will be available, yet orders will not be fulfilled until I am back in the 4 weeks that I am away! 

However, if you are in the Vancouver BC area you may email Alicia, at to place a pick up order or meet Alicia downtown Vancouver ✨

✨ M A R K E T . D A T E S ✨

August 1st

August 15th

August 29th ~ ✈️ I will be back!


Andrea Witthoeft | Bakerlita