Bakerlita Members

Bakerlita's Beauty Baker Membership is now ready to bake your heart out and to indulge in the top quality sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, keto & paleo approved Baked Goods & Baking-Mixes!

All of Bakerlita's Beauty Baked Goods & Baking Mixes are enhanced with the beautifying beauty-boosting organic collagen powder. Bakerlita's Baked Goods & Baking Mixes is a woman best friend, especially if you are looking to lose weight, improve your outer glow, and how LOVE to indulge into the best goodies and sweet treats guilt-free! 

Bakerlita's Beauty Bakers will receive exclusive discounted prices only for members only. The entire Bakerlita Market, which includes Bakerlita's full Bakery line, Baking Mixes & Organic Coffee have a special member price. And soon, there will be a wide verity of the cutest Bakerlita handmade linens, aprons, bread-bags, tea towels and more that will be coming out in the summer of 2020!  

The 1st of each month Bakerlita will be sending all her exclusive Beauty-Baking Members a personalized Promo Code that is ONLY for members to receive huge savings on the entire Bakerlita Market! No one else will have access to these sweet super SAVINGS!

Only $9.99 per month; You will receive 4 FREE beautiful recipe cards each month ($25 Value + Free Shipping) created with the season in mind. Recipe cards will be physically shipped in the mail, along with your personalized Promo Code so you will be ready to start implementing and enjoying the most delicious, beautifying and fat-burning baked-goods you have ever had. Plus, having Keto-Bread & Beauty-Bombs on hand at all times is a must for any Beauty-Baker. 


Beauty-Baking starts with beautifying with organic collagen, gelatin and MCT powders. Baking should be more than just indulging in your taste buds, and that is what Bakerlita's Baked Goods and her three Beauty Baking Mixes do oh so beautifully! 

Each and every baked good that you bake your buy from Bakerlita's Market will surely bless you from the inside out! Please Sign Up and start breaking beauty brownies & bread the Bakerlita way!  

"Bake The Bakerlita Way, Bake To Bless!"


Andrea Witthoeft | Bakerlita