*50's Ruffled Linen Apron

50's Style Ruffled Handmade Linen Apron, NEW to Bakerlita's Boutique 2021. This design was inspired by Andrea's LOVE for the vintage 50's era. All linens are handmade to order and created by Andrea Witthoeft, CEO of Bakerlita.

The ridiculously cute Ruffle around the neck and bustier is the feature pinnacle of this apron, along with the stunning stripes, light weighted material, and the added pocket on the skirt.

 All Bakerlita’s Aprons are crafted with the highest quality linen material, light to medium weight, very durable yet adorable ;)

One size fits all, yet I can also make custom sizing to fit your needs the best.

📦 All handmade aprons are made to order, so allow 1 - 2 weeks to receive your apron after ordering online!

50's Ruffled Apron is the most darling beautiful collection to add to your kitchen.

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