Bakerlita Bakery Digital Cookbook

For home bakers who love and are passionate about flourishing in health while eating their favourite baked goods, I birthed Bakerlita Bakery Cookbook to bless you with the most delicious gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo and keto-approved recipes.

My vision for Bakerlita Bakery is to inspire, educate and bless you with a simple, sweet way to innovate your most desired baked goods into the healthiest yet exceedingly indulgent & decadent desserts ever. Andrea believes in using wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients that provide your body, soul, and spirit with the energy they desire. These baked goods are easy, beautiful, and life-giving, from homemade Oreos to Raw Snicker Chocolate Bars and Strawberry Shortcakes to a vast collection of Christmas/Holiday baking. The ingredients you will see in almost every recipe are almond flour, coconut flour, monk fruit, free-run eggs, cacao, and coconut oil. Also, most recipes can be made 100% dairy-free for anyone with a lactose/dairy allergy or sensitivity.

Whether you want to regain your health while eating desserts, are looking for alternatives to bake healthy desserts for your family, suffer from chronic illness, or have a simple allergy that hinders you from enjoying your favourite baked goods. Bakerlita Bakery will give you the tools, education and inspiration to transform your health by Baking The Bakerlita Way.

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