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Tiramisu Gingerbread Roll Cake!

November 30, 2018 0 Comments

Tiramisu Gingerbread Roll Cake!

This Holiday I wanted to create that famous Italian Tiramisu cake into a Christmas gingerbread log cake! On my dad's side, I come from a big Italian family...and you know Italians, they LOVE TO EAT haha... and not necessarily healthy ;) 

watch my step-by-step video tutorial

We all can agree that we tend to overeat during the holidays, so why not fill up on the healthy KETO Christmas baked goods! This year I wanted to bless my family & friends with the sweet & satisfying gift health from my Bakerlita Bake-To-Bless Keto Christmas recipes. 

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Despite what This decadent Keto Tiramisu Gingerbread Log Cake looks like, it is actually pretty simple to make. This Cake is a light perfectly spiced Italian sponge cake, soaked up in a beautiful bold organic espresso syrup, then lavished with a delicious grass-fed butter cashew cream cheese frosting & topped with simply gorgeous dusted keto-friendly powdered sugar & coco-powder!


Let’s get started to bake to bless  & I promise you will be so surprised how easy this is!

This Holiday I wanted to bless you with something new, something that would satisfy you and your family's sweet festive cravings while leaving your table feeling full of energy & Blissful joy & this cake does this perfectly! So soft, creamy with such bold yet smooth flavors from the organic espresso with that festive hit of gingerbread!

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Happy BLESSED Holidays :)


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Andrea Witthoeft