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How To Bake Super Sweet, Yet Sugar-Free

July 10, 2020 0 Comments

How To Bake Super Sweet, Yet Sugar-Free

Imagine enjoying your favorite sweet treat every day while still burning body fat! Guess what? You don't have to imagine anymore, and It's no longer far away from sweet fantasy dream ;) If your anything like me and LOVE your sweet baked goods then I have some very, very sweet news for your sweet tooth. To enjoy SWEETS guilt-free one of the reasons why I created Bakerlita ;) 

We all know sugar taste delightful & sweet, yet do we all don't honestly know how it is NOT so sweet to your health, your hormones, your waistline, your energy & your daily performance.

Sugar is a huge contributor to:
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • body fat
  • heart disease
  • liver damage
  • chronic inflammation
  • & many other diseases…

My goal is to educate & inspire you through my own innovative spin on baking! The way I am going to teach you how to bake will balance your hormones, reduce inflammation, burn belly fat, give your body and brain the energy it has been longing for!

We all know that sugar makes for a good Dessert, yet once we eat it our taste buds may be satisfies for about 10min, but our body will be completely unsatisfied for about 24hours!!!  Cutting sugar is extremely hard, face it, we all crave something sweet. Honestly, I do after every meal, haha... That's why I LOVE to bake :)

Sadly, Sugar will NOT benefit you in any way; the only thing it is good at is to make you overeat & overweight. Sugar is like an addictive drug, the more you eat, the more you CRAVE, so the MORE you eat... the cycle is endless & ends in a long road of health problems.

Here is my VERY SWEET News for you, cutting out sugar doesn’t have to mean that you have to cut out your most favorite desserts! It's time to get creative in the kitchen and use natural sugar alternative that gives your body benefits as your taste buds are dancing too  ;) 



Monk fruit is my most favorite & most used sweetener. It is known as the longevity goodness fruit, with 0 calories & sugar! This amazing Goodness Fruit is 300 times sweeter than the deadly cane sugar. Fun fact about Monk Fruit, it also is used for many health benefits for its massive antioxidant properties, reversing diabetes, and fighting off cancer cells. The flavor and the alternative use is #1 comparing to any other natural sweeteners. I use Lakanto monk fruit in all my Bakerlita Baking Mixes because the quality and taste is NO comparison than anything on the market ;) 



Even though this beautifully raw, unrefined golden liquid of sweetness is not 0 calories and sugar, yet like other natural high fructose sweeteners like agave, maple syrup, and even coconut sugar spikes blood sugar and cause inflammation in the body, raw honey does the complete opposite! Raw honey is the only fructose sweetener that has enormous benefits to the body for its fantastic profile of hundreds upon hundreds of energizing vitamins, minerals & enzymes. A little goes a long way when adding it into coffee or baking. This is one of my favorite sweeteners, especially for RAW Bakerlita Beauty Bars (coming soon!). It makes for a great ingredient when used in a none-baked snack for it's binding and stickiness, it holds it’s own ;) Remember; DO NOT COOK WITH IT! This will destroy all the abundant amounts of nutrients in it!


Stevia is 100% natural plant-based sweetener with 0 calories & sugar. Comparing the cost with monk fruit and erythritol, it is such a high cost-efficient sweetener, like Monk fruit it is 300 times sweeter than sugar, yet won't impact blood sugar (glucose) or insulin levels. The only downside with stevia it may leave a bitter aftertaste, mixing it with monk fruit or erythritol works the best to get the most satisfying taste!


Erythritol is an alcohol sugar similar to xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, maltitol…. Another great natural sweetener that doesn’t impact blood sugar or insulin levels. Erythritol is much easier to digest than Xylitol. There are other cheaper Alcohol sugars that are okay to use like mannitol, sorbitol & maltitol, yet I would stick to Erythritol for the first choice of any alcohol sugars because of its desirable effects of the digestive system & also has no insulin spike after consuming it as the other alcohol sugars have shown in studies. Erythritol & mink fruit are processed through fermentation.



You will see these as "healthy" options & even in popular sweeteners paleo recipes & cookbooks, yet all 5 of these sweeteners are HIGH in fructose, glucose, and sugars spike insulin causing inflammation, diabetes, weight gain, cravings a whole lot of other adverse side effects. 

MAPLE SYRUP– If used for a special treat, try 100% pure maple syrup. I know, I know, pancakes & waffles just aren't the same without maple syrup! I use Lakanto'smaple syrup.

COCONUT SUGAR– Coconut sugar is just the same as cane sugar, the only difference is that coconut sugar has a small trace of vitamins and minerals, besides that does the same negative effect on the body... You will see coconut sugar used in the vast majority of paleo recipes for its golden canalized flavor. I ditched the coconut sugar & use Lakanto's Golden sweetenerits amazing for even adding texture & dusting to your baked good like my famous snickerdoodle recipe :)

CANE SUGAR & BROWN SUGAR- You probably already know yourself that the regular white cane sugar and brown sugar are the most widely used sugar out there… the side effects are endless; I would try to stay away at all costs if you can!

AGAVE- Agave is exceptionally high is that FAT STORING sugar, fructose. Once you eat it, it will be processed through the liver, and what has not burned as the energy right away it will be accumulated as unwanted body fat!


These artificial sweeteners are seen at every coffee shop on the corner, used in hundreds of thousands of sugar-free food products and supplements.

The word Artificialsounds like it wouldn’t be good for you, yet people are so misled, they simply lack good knowledge when it comes to true health…

Even that it may say "0 calories & 0 sugar"doesn’t mean it is good for you. It looks and appears reasonable, but it's wise to do your research. We must FLEE at the sight of these deadly toxic health-robbing chemicals once and for all if we want to experience good health & easy fat loss!

Just take a minute, and think, our bodies were intelligently designed to flourish and thrive by eating real wholesome & natural (not artificial) foods.  Why would we think it would be a good idea to eat chemicals "artificial" and other possessed man-made garbage?


ASPARTAME (Equal/NutraSweet)

ACE-K (Artificial sweetener that is found in most diet sodas)

These artificial sweeteners cause insulin spikes just as much as regular sugar. The toxins create cancer cells, headaches, depression, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, damages healthy gut bacteria, it also sugar cravings and much more… it’s proven to be better to eat real sugar!

Hope you all have pondered what you're dumping in your morning coffee, more importantly, what that white sweet sugary stuff is doing to your body chemistry, every sip of Splenda sweetened coffee, diet pop, and every cookie!

Just remember, it’s NOT hearer/reader who reaps the benefit, It is the DOER  who reaps the great reward... DO what is right for your body! 

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

3 John 1:2 


Andrea Witthoeft | Bakerlita